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How to Unite Your Employees Around Common Goals

A company is made up of different people handling different responsibilities, but there still needs to be some semblance of unity. If everyone's looking out for him or herself, then there's not going to be any kind of cooperation. Here’s some of my best tips on how you can help your employees work together to reach common goals.

Make Your Goals Clear

If your messages are muddled, your employees might unite only in the sense that they talk about how poor your communication methods are. To avoid this, we advise going over your goals for them before actually sharing those goals. Look at your targets from an objective point of view and determine whether they seem clear, or whether they could cause confusion. You could also show the objectives to a friend or post them on a discussion board for business leaders. Others should also be able to tell you whether your goals are actually achievable. Having high expectations for your employees doesn't mean that you should insist on them meeting impossibly lofty goals.

Give Your Employees the Right Tools

Your employees might have plenty of gumption, but that doesn't matter much if they aren't being given the means to reach their goals. In fact, 74% of employees say they have insufficient tools for their jobs. Take a look at things like your software and your management style, and see whether either is out of date for what your employees need. Being a good business leader means adjusting your techniques with the times. If you want to stick to tradition for no reason other than it's what's most comfortable for you, your business and employees are going to be in a difficult situation.

Ask for Input

You don’t need to stumble around in the dark, trying to figure out what exactly your employees need. I’ve had many clients who initially resisted the idea of asking employees for input, because such a request can make it seem like you need help. The fact of the matter is, needing help doesn't reveal that you don't know what you're doing or that you lack confidence. In fact, it can show just how confident you are because you're not letting yourself be carried away by arrogance. Your employees are also likely to be very pleased by how much you value their intelligence. They could come up with solutions that make the process so much easier.

Seeing your workplace as a family unit can help to bring employees closer together. The best families don't always agree and might even run into serious conflicts, but their affection for each other outweighs any negativity. Encourage your employees by helping them to see the benefits of working together toward common goals.

Your skill as a leader is measured not by your own success, but by the success of those you lead. It's up to you to ensure the top performance of your team. And I can help you get there.


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