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How to Use LinkedIn to Build your Company Brand

Not only will LinkedIn help you tap into influential networks, find employees, and find a good place to work, but it will help you build your business and company brand. Here are some ways you can use LinkedIn to build your own company brand.   

Profile Tips

Creating a great business profile is the first step to building your company brand on LinkedIn. Your headline is your first shot at making a good impression, so be sure to write an effective one. In each section of your profile, use keyword-rich text that will help you rank well in LinkedIn and Google searches. Make sure your content is original, authentic, and accurately reflects your company brand. You should also make sure your profile and cover photos are professional quality and are doing their part to reflect the best parts of your company.

Connection Tips

You can also use your network to build your company brand. You can make the most of your LinkedIn connections by getting involved with groups. Join groups relevant to your industry so that you can get to know the key players and your competition. Regular participation in these groups is helpful because it will raise your online presence, but you should use these groups to establish yourself as an expert in the field rather than promote your products. You can demonstrate your expertise as you answer questions posted by other members in an intelligent, helpful manner.

Content Tips

Creating relevant, helpful content is a crucial way you can build your company brand. Start by investing time in building a Company Page. Even if you’re an independent freelancer or run a business on your own, you should still create a page for your company. After you’ve created your Company Page, fill it with applications, articles, blog posts, photo updates, company updates, and other content that shows your expertise, and promotes your company. Investing in quality content is an essential tool you should use to build your company brand.

These few tips can help you improve your profile, connections, and content on LinkedIn. As you begin to apply these strategies, spend some time making a plan for how you want to represent your brand, and make some goals to help you achieve that plan.

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