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How to Keep Growing Your Customer Base During a Recession

Customers can make or break your business. If you have a solid customer base, your business can thrive, regardless of the current economic climate. But without customers, your business will be on very thin ice. The harsh fact of reality is that customers are more reluctant to buy new products during an economic recession. But this doesn’t mean that growing your customer base during a recession is impossible! Here are some tips to help you out:

Step Up Your Marketing

When customers don’t flow through your doors easily, you need to go to them and convince them to buy your products and services. This means you need to take a more assertive approach in your marketing strategies. You should focus on marketing tools that bring people to your website where you can sell them on your products and services. It’s important to make sure that you’re ranked on all the major online search engines, and that your website location and hours are accurate. It's good to get listed on Google Maps if you aren’t already.

Additionally, make sure your website is up to date, visually appealing, and bug-free. Although maintaining a good website can feel unnecessary or overwhelming, it is essential to marketing your business in this modern economy. And contrary to popular belief, creating and maintaining a website doesn’t have to be a difficult ordeal. Try talking to a professional to help you get started!

Foster Loyalty

Once you have customers in your doors (or on your website), it’s important to reward them for their efforts. Many people are hesitant to try a new product or service, but if you reward your new customers for their bravery, they will feel more inclined to be loyal to you and your company.

You can also foster loyalty through incentives. You might try offering a bounce-back coupon or a discount for referring a friend. Incentives are an indirect way to reward yourself through rewarding your customers.

Maintain Excellent Customer Service

Regardless of whether you’re conducting your business from a physical brick-and-mortar storefront or an online platform, excellent customer service is essential to growing your customer base—especially during a recession. Make a point of personally interacting you’re your customers. Make them feel valued, appreciated, and taken care of. If you make your customers feel valued, they will be more likely to refer their friends to your store and your customer base will grow.

Improving your marketing, fostering customer loyalty, and maintaining excellent customer service are three simple ways to keep growing your customer base. In addition to these ideas, keep being creative! Although a recession is never enjoyable, it can act as a catalyst to help you find some amazing ideas for your business.

Now is the best time to review or pivot your brand messaging. Schedule a Creative Strategy Session to get some fresh new ideas, tips, and tools.


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