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Content Marketing Made Easy

Today when content marketing is mentioned, we automatically think of blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and viral YouTube videos, but what does it take to actually create it? Many of these, when viewed as a consumer, seem simple and to the point, but there are many layers to creating successful content marketing. Here are three tips that will help you understand and implement content marketing for your business.

Your Content Needs a Goal

On average, sales reps spend thirty hours every month making their own materials. This might sound excessive for something that can be posted within seconds, but designing content is only a tiny part of the marketing equation. Your content must contain more than just a nice picture; it should tell a story and promote discussion of your product. A great example of this is a farm that has a goal of selling avocados.

A lot of people might like avocados, but they're not going to react to a simple photo of one. To accomplish this goal, the farm could capitalize on the fact that many people believe that avocado toast is a healthy breakfast, and then use that idea in their marketing content.

Keep the Brand's Voice Consistent

Keeping your brand's voice consistent is one of the most important things a new business can do. Understandably, a company wants to be on every social media platform, but this can take a toll on your consistency if you overwhelm yourself to the point where every platform of your business sounds different. Customers do business with companies that they are confident in and that confidence can only be obtained when they know what they are getting.

Keep Content Up to Date

When it comes to creating content, only the most relevant survive. The fact is that the way search engines and social media algorithms work is through the filtering of old and new content. Thus, simply posting a video or picture won't be enough to bring you results in the long term. It’s important to update your content regularly and build content that is relevant. Include follow-up videos on a past video or make your audience aware that a new better product is available.

Content marketing may sound a little daunting for most newcomers, but through practice and seeing what works you can begin to create a solid foundation for your company. Simply adhere to the list above, and you'll no doubt start off looking like a pro.

Are you struggling to determine which content is best for your brand? Let's chat.


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