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If Your Brand Was a Donut

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

If Your Brand Was a Donut

It can be difficult to wrap your head around the concept of building a personal brand. Putting more of your personality into your brand is simple to say but not so simple to do. Never one to pass up a great metaphor, I have been known to equate personal brands with sports teams, musicians, and television shows to help people understand the concept. However, my favorite metaphor (and the most delicious) is donuts. Everyone loves donuts!

That’s why I’m delighted to share with you 7 flavors of branding that you can apply to your own brand today. Enjoy this deliciously illustrative article—just don’t blame me if you end up craving a donut by the end!

The Donut Hole

The Donut Hole

If your brand was a Donut Hole, you would use fun, surprise, and innovation to resonate with your ideal client. You would consistently delight them with unexpected solutions and new points of view. You would take something big and complicated and make it easy for your clients to consume. Keep dreaming, you deliciously creative nugget!

Boston Cream

Boston Cream Donuts

If your brand was a Boston Cream donut, you would create experiences that were rich and multi-layered with elements to discover and share along the way. You would bring people together by making sure there was something for everyone to enjoy. Spread the love, you warm and inviting creature!


Powdered Donuts

If your brand was a Powdered donut, you would leave a lasting impression. Like the snow white sugar that is your signature, your knowledge and authority would linger behind long after the initial encounter. Some people wouldn’t appreciate you, but no one would ever forget you. Leave your mark, you powerfully sticky leader!

The Cronut

The Cronut

If your brand was a Cronut, you would set a new standard for what donuts could be. You would use exclusivity and limited supply to create overwhelming demand, and your ideal clients would wait hours in line for a chance at a crumb. Wave to the crowd, you ambitious and elite gem!


Glazed Donuts

If your brand was a Glazed donut, you would inspire intense loyalty and trust. You’d know that you don’t need fancy sprinkles to deliver quality. Your ideal clients would know that, like a family heirloom or a fine wine, your brand would still shine long after the fads and trends have faded away. Stand tall, you dependable and comforting favorite!


Jelly Donuts

If your brand was a Jelly donut, you would use mystery and wonder to draw people in. You would evoke more questions than you answer, and your ideal clients would eat it up and keep coming back for more–compelled to try and guess the secret ingredient to your magic. Keep them guessing, you bewitching muse!

The Twist

Twist Donuts

If your brand was a Twist donut, you would earn respect by making it look easy. Others would try to copy your seemingly simple style only to be undone by the skill and complexity of your expertly executed design. Stay focused, you strategic genius!

What Flavor Is Your Brand?

Now that you’ve seen how brand “flavors” can set a brand apart, I’d like to invite you to think of your own personal brand flavor. Are you a tried and true glazed? Or a surprising jelly donut? Maybe your brand isn’t a donut at all! Thinking about your brand in a new way, whether it’s as a donut flavor or a music genre, will help you understand the unique value you bring to everything you do.

As for my own personal brand, I’d say that I’m a deliciously creative Donut Hole.

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