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3 Things I Know For Certain About Communication

3 Things I Know for Certain About Communication

When it comes to communication there are three things I know with absolute certainty:

  1. When things fail (relationships, teams, product launches) it is usually because communication has failed.

  2. Successful communication has almost nothing to do with the words you choose and everything to do with the thoughts, feelings, and actions behind the words you choose.

  3. Everyone has the ability to offer value & have positive impact on the people around them. Communicating that value can be as simple as changing one single word.

I have always tried to understand why some people communicate better than others. How does one person excel at sales with seemingly minimal effort, while another works tirelessly and never quite makes quota? Why does one leader have intensely loyal employees and another experiences near constant turnover?

I used to say that I believed in the power of words. But my experience & research has shown me that the power comes not from the words themselves, but what lies behind them.

It’s the intent behind the words that makes the difference.

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