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Create a Hollywood-Style Teaser-Trailer for Your Next Presentation

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Create a Hollywood-Style Movie Trailer

Sometimes inspiration comes where you least expect it. I was reading an article in Entertainment Weekly by Chris Lee about how social media has changed the way movies are promoted and created the rise of the teaser-trailer. One quote jumped out at me:

According to a veteran movie marketing strategist, the current teaser-trailer arms race reflects Hollywood's bid to break through to millennials where they already are; the fragmentary world of Twitter, Instagram, etc. "Hollywood is simply co-opting the way young people communicate with themselves while also co-opting the people the public responds to," he says.

Break through to them where they already are.

A-ha! What if I created a teaser-trailer for my next course or presentation? This Course Teaser Trailer was made in under an hour using Windows Movie Maker and internet sourced images and video.

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