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5 Ways To Maximize Thanksgiving Downtime

The week of Thanksgiving can be slow for creators and small business owners. Most people's minds are already dreaming about pumpkin pie or plotting their Black Friday shopping adventures so not much business is gets done.

That makes this the perfect time to take stock and clean house in your business. Make good use of the downtime by getting rid of what no longer serves you, being grateful for what does, and making space for new ideas and challenges.

Here is a list of what I'm doing this week. Hopefully, you'll find some inspiring ideas to make the best of your week before the turkey coma kicks in.

Physical Space Clean Out

At this time of year, my family spends some time cleaning out and donating unwanted toys, gadgets, and clothing. I thought - why not do the same with my business? I cleaned and filed paperwork, dealt with business cards that were stacking up, put away items that didn't need to be out (minimizing visual distraction), and rearranged a few desktop items to give me a new perspective. Along the way, I gathered any tools and equipment that I was no longer using to donate to local charities or fellow creators.

Digital Space Clean Out

Thankfully, my inbox was not as much of a monster as it has been in the past because earlier this year I discovered how to use Multiple Inboxes in Gmail to manage the chaos. All I had to do this week was a quick review of my inboxes, use to bulk purge unwanted subscriptions, and BAM - Inbox (almost) Zero.

Express Gratitude

I want to let the people who support me know how much I appreciate them. Here are a few of the ways I'm reaching out to clients, collaborators, and friends this week and beyond:

  • Handwritten (or looks like handwritten) notes

  • Thoughtfully composed emails

  • Surprise phone calls

  • Testimonials/Recommendations

Capture Ideas and Plans

Why do the best thoughts and ideas show up when you are in the middle of something else?! I'd be lost without Trello. It allows me to quickly capture and organize ideas so I can take action on them when I am ready. I recommend using the Trello App and the Add To Trello extension for Chrome.

An Epic Soundtrack for Your Epic Cleaning

The right playlist can turn an ordinary task into extraordinary fun. Right now, I am obsessed with movie soundtracks. Try Cinemagic on SiriusXM or Soundtracked on Spotify.


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