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Crafting your ideal brand doesn't have to feel like rocket science.

We make branding personal, practical, and profitable.* 

*And fun! But there's no word for fun that starts with a "p." Unless you count "phun."


There was a day in the not-so-distant past when you could climb the ladder of success with sheer work ethic. Today, it takes more than just elbow grease—you need a personal brand that defines why people should hire you, promote you, or follow you. Thankfully, there's brand coaching.


You're a leader of people. The challenges that entails make the wins so much sweeter. Lead your team to greatness with a patented LYS workshop, and you'll watch them exceed performance goals in no time. You'll learn to leverage each person's strengths and how best to communicate as a team.

Putting together an event—public or private—isn't easy. Finding speakers who will engage your audience with highly relevant content is a major key to your success. For a keynote speaker, breakout session or panel leader, look no further. My favorite topics include personal branding, team communication, and sales.


Brand Coaching

for Entrepreneurs

You and I meet virtually or in person.

We focus on your business goals and how you can put your personality in your brand. We create brand messages that you can use in your marketing, and I show you how to communicate in a way that showcases your distinct advantages.

People Learn Best When

They Belly Laugh

It's true! That's why LYS team workshops are more than just functional—they're fun, funny, and unforgettable. Launch the success of your team with one of our tried and true (but never boring) team workshops. Your team members will discover how each person adds value at both the team level and the organizational level.

Unapologetically Enthusiastic

If you need a speaker to bring down the house, let's talk! Whether it's a podcast interview or an industry conference, I'm happy to share the magic of branding with your audience.

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